Let Your Imagination glow



"Logic will get you from A to B.The imagination will take you everywhere."

-Albert Enstein

With just the touch of a pen light against a Glowry Board, the imaginations of children are illuminated. They are able to explore and express their creativity. As the drawing fades away, it helps exercise their brain to continue using their imagination. This is a new and fun way for children to transmit their thoughts onto a board.Moreover, children may use alphabet and number stencils to help them learn how to write their letters and numbers. After removing the stencils, the bright glowing light will have a lasting effect on the children's minds and will help with their visual memorization. Glowry Board is the fun and futuristic way of developing our children's imagination. Let their imaginations glow!

Even Albert Einstein knew its importance when he said,
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”




As a Pre-Kindergarten teacher, I understand the importance of encouraging young minds to explore their imagination and express their creativity. It is not about filling up their minds with information and tellingthem how to think, but rather allowing them to discover their own thoughts and abilities. As long as their attention is triggered and their interests are sparked, then their minds are able to freely explore.The Glowry Board has brought a new light into my classroom; not onlyfrom the light of the pen and board itself, but from the bright smiles of my students. The children love to see their imagination come to light. They are able to transfer their thoughts to a glowing reality. It is also a fun way for them to practice writing their letters and numbers because afterwards, they can use their fingers to follow along with the outlines of the light until they fade away. It also saves the mess from chalkboards and whiteboards. The students enjoy sharing their ideas and love to see their work glow. Thank you Glowry Board for brightening their futures!.


Glowry Board